Yunnan Hongyao Capsule (24 CPS) 雲南紅藥膠囊

Yunnan Hongyao Capsule (24 CPS) 雲南紅藥膠囊

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Herbal Supplement 24 Capsules 0.25g per Capsule


  • Ampslopsis Delavayana 10%
  • Dolichos Temuicaulis 7%
  • Psammosilene Tunicoides 5%
  • Radix Aconitum Vilnaorinianum Kom Preparata 15%
  • Radix Dactylicapnotis 5%
  • Radix Stratellaruaamoena 10%
  • Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii 3%
  • Rhizoma Paridis
  • Sodium <1%
  • Streblus Indicua 9%
  • Total Carbohydrate <1%


Yunnan Hongyao is an all natural herbal supplement which has been used by herbalist and acupuncturist in China for promoting circulation for hundreds years.


  • 2-3 capsules once,  three times per day

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