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TAT Health Group is supported by Guangdong Tai An Tang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China.  Our goal is to provide the best service, treatment, and herbal products to relieve people of illness and suffering, and to prevent diseases and maintain health. 

Tai An Tang was originally founded as a house of Chinese medicine 450 years ago by Dr. Ke Yu Jing (1512–1570), after he retired as a doctor for the emperor’s family in the palace. The emperor bestowed the medical house with the inscribed board of “Tai An Tang” meaning peace of heaven, earth, and people”.

Since then, the medical skill of healing has been inherited generation after generation in Ke’s family. Mrs. Ke-Huang (1697-1792), the 7th and the only female successor, is famous for her treatment of infertility. Dr. Ke Shu Quan, the 13th generation successor,founded Guangdong Tai An Tang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in 1995. He applied a patent for the processing of Qilin Pill, a modern preparation based on the formula of Mrs. Ke-Huang that has been applied in a hospital in China for half of a century. To date, about 300,000 Qilin babies have been born.  

Tai An Tang has its own centers of research and development, cGMP certified modern facilities of herbal extraction and processing. It also has a base for raw material processing to ensure the quality of herbal material for their products. 

Their products are mostly specialized in female, dermatologic, and cardiovascular disorders. The aim of the company is to provide the most reliable products to consumers and to become an international leading group in the field of women’s health.

TAT Health Group managed by Dr. Willow Liu, who received her B.S. of Chinese materia medica, M.S. of Medicine,  and Ph.D. of Natural medicine in China. She was trained as a research fellow of AvH foundation in Germany and a post-doctor in Columbia University, New York. She was a professor in Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Southern California University of Health Science.  She is not only knowledgeable on traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), but also modern chemistry, biology, and pharmacology and clinical practice. Dr. Liu has experiences in both scientific research and product development of herbal medicines, and has published papers about chemical isolation, identification and analysis, bioassay screening, animal experiments of herbal medicines in different international journals. In addition, she is also the editor of Traditional Herbal Medicine Research Method - Identification, Analysis, Bioassay, and Pharmacological and Clinical Studies (John Wiley & Son), the only book in the world that fully introduces research methods for traditional herbal medicine using modern botany, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and clinic study. As a successful Chinese abroad, she was recently featured on an episode of the famous show "Chinese Stories" by Chinese Central Television International Channel (CCTV4), with the title of "Persistent Researcher of Chinese Medicine".