There are misunderstandings about Chinese herbal medicine (CHM). Some people believe that Chinese herbs are natural, therefore they do not cause harm. Others think that they are toxic. The fact is that Chinese herbal medicine has been applied for over 2000 years to countless people as one of the most popular treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The safety and efficacy of most herbs have been well documented and continuously updated for thousand(s) years. However, due to their misuse of ignorant patients and inexperienced healthcare practitioners, or the misleading by unprofessional herbal manufacturers or sellers, many  toxic and/or negative results on Chinese herbs have been reported in the West, resulting in most physicians in the West prohibit their patients use any Chinese herbs even though they could not help these patients relieve from suffering. Many people do not know that together with few originated from animals and minerals, Chinese herbs are officially called Chinese materia medica (CMM) in China. They should be applied under the guidance of TCM theories and mostly prescribed in the form of formula by well trained TCM doctors on the basis of TCM diagnosis and zheng differentiation. Improper diagnosis, overdosed or too long administration may all cause side effects or toxicity. Our experts will teach and train you how to use Chinese herbs safely and effectively.

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