Detox Patch Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patch

Detox Patch Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patch

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Safely and naturally draw toxins from the body while you sleep!

The Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patch contains bamboo vinegar, an ingredient with the unsurpassed ability to purge toxins through the skin. According to ancient medicine, the acupressure points on the soles of the feet correspond to specific internal organs in the body. The Bamboo Vinegar Detox Patch stimulates the soles and absorbs the toxins released form the acupressure points, consequently promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Simply attach the patches to the soles of the feet before getting into bed, and let them absorb the daily toxins and wastes that have accumulated in the body. Wake up feeling cleaned, refreshed, and energized! For external use only.

Symptoms Of Toxin Overload:

  • Weight Gain 
  • Poor Digestion 
  • Fatigue
  • Body Odor

Apply The Detox Patch After:

  • A long day at work
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Wearing high heels 
  • Household chores
  • Excessive walking

Instruction for use:

1. Peel the backing off the adhesive sheet.

2. Remove the patch from its plastic bag. 

    Press the side with green print directly onto the center of the sticky side of the       adhesive sheet.

3. Stick each patch directly onto the soles of your feet. For best results, apply before bedtime, and allow 8-10 hours for it to absorb the toxins from your body.

4. On the following morning, remove the patches and wash your feet. You should see a change in the patch's color and texture. Results vary from person to person.

5. The patch can be applied anytime, but you will obtain the greatest benefits using it overnight while you sleep. Wearing socks will help keep the patch in place on your skin and prevent them from slipping off. Store in cool, dry place.

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