Ji Gu Gao Infusion 雞骨草茶

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Through the eyes of Chinese Medicine it can be understood that to change an antagonistic reaction within your body the environment must be changed. This is the basic view of all Chinese Medicine, but especially pertaining to the Chinese Herbal Medicinal practice. With this in mind, the development of stones created in your Kidneys, Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder can be attributed to a Chinese Medicine Pattern of Wet or Damp Heat.

Our Ji Gu Cao Instant Tea has been devised to change the environment within your body by clearing the heat, resolving dampness, resolving toxins, moving the stone(s) and stopping pain. The main function with Ji Gu Cao Instant Tea is to assist with acute or chronic problems associated with your Liver & Gallbladder Organ System by clearing Damp Heat. This can present with disharmonies such as: hepatitis, fungus, viruses, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, candida, itchy and damp rectal and genital areas, muscle pain, sick headaches, jaundice, extreme fatigue, weak or blurry eyesight.Damp Heat can also present with skin rashes, boils, open sores, eye infections, herpes...

Taking Ji Gu Cao Instant Tea as a preventive medicine measure along with a healthy diet and lifestyle may help to ward-off the debilitating pain and energy loss related to stones development and Liver & Gallbladder disharmonies by cooling liver fire, clearing gallbladder damp heat and expelling toxins.