Pure Moxa Rolls (10 Rolls) 五年極品純艾灸條 10條

Pure Moxa Rolls (10 Rolls) 五年極品純艾灸條 10條

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規格:單支:18*200mm 10支/盒  




This traditional Chinese medicine is used indirectly during acupuncture to treat moxibustion.

Pure Moxa Rolls for mild moxibustion (joss sticks) are used in traditional Chinese medicine for moxibustion treatment. Joss sticks can be used indirectly during acupunture treatment.


Film covered rolls measure approximately 110mm x 14 mm dia. X 10 pcs rolls per box. Burning time of each is about one hour. Net Weight: 5.7oz, or 171g The most important feature for oriental traditional medicine is the original raw material,in which high active ingredients. Our moxa rolls joss stick is made with Qi ai( 蕲艾),highly recommended by Li shi zhen, the author of Ben Cao Gang Mu ( 本草纲目). This Chinese traditional packed moxa rolls can be used for mild moxabustion were made with pure moxa leaf essence ( Gold grade moxa leaf essence35:1 ) material. After careful carbonation at sub-high temperature, the smoke was removed but the essence was kept. No more disturbing neighbor or sensitive smoke detector again. Usage: 1. Light the moxa stick and put it near the skin. The patient will experience a pleasant heating sensation that penetrates deep into the skin, but should not experience any pain, blistering or scarring. 2.light one end of a moxa stick, and holds it close to the area being treated 3. Lights one end of a moxa stick, and holds it 2-3 cm above the skin, moving left and right and drawing circles. 4. Lights the moxa stick and wrap it with seven coats of cotton cloth and put it on the acupoint for 1-2 minutes. If one feels it too hot, move it away until it cools a little and do it again. The usual treating is 20-30 minutes